7 Ways to Relax While Stuck in Traffic

February 6, 2023

Traffic jams are a major annoyance for most drivers. They cause missed appointments, lost productivity, and significant economic losses in many major cities.

The first thing to do is realize that traffic jams are not something you can control; they are just a part of life. So don’t get stressed out about them, and try to use the time you spend in traffic to do some self-reflection or work on a mental to-do list.

Listen to Music or an Audiobook

A good way to take your mind off the frustration of traffic is to turn on the radio and listen to your favorite music. This will help to distract your mind and make the time pass quickly.

Play a Game

You can also try playing a fun game with other passengers in your car. This can be as simple as name that tune, or even a road game.

Take a Break from Driving

Another great way to relax while stuck in traffic is to take a break from driving and walk. Not only will you be able to see the scenery around you, but you can also use this time to catch up on your emails and read a book.

Be Polite

If you find yourself stuck in traffic, be polite to other drivers. This can go a long way to help reduce the chance of a collision or road rage.

Know Your Route

If traffic is a problem on your way to work or home, map out the routes ahead of time. This will help you avoid getting stuck in the worst of the traffic and allow you to arrive at your destination feeling calm and relaxed.


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