About the Luzerne County Transportation Authority

August 9, 2023

About luzerne county transportation authority

Luzerne County Transportation Authority, also known as LCTA, is the public transit provider in Wilkes Barre and the surrounding area. The system serves 16 routes throughout the day, with a fleet of 32 buses that include a mix of Gillig Low Floors and BRT hybrids. LCTA operates Monday through Saturday, with service running every hour on most routes.

The system has a number of fare types, including exact fares paid upon boarding and short fares that allow passengers to pay for a portion of a route. The agency is currently implementing a new ticketing system that will allow passengers to use their mobile devices to purchase and validate tickets.

Two top officials at LCTA were arrested after an investigation revealed that they had submitted false ridership data to the state. Executive Director Stanley Strelish and Operations Manager Robb Henderson were each charged with seven counts of tampering with records, seven counts of unsworn falsification to authorities, and six counts of criminal conspiracy to commit theft by deception.

LCTA offers Shared Ride, a curb-to-curb service that helps qualified individuals get to medical appointments. To qualify, you must have a disability that has been verified by an authorized professional, such as a social worker or doctor. LCTA also offers a special program for seniors who want to ride the bus free of charge during off-peak hours. To qualify for this program, you must have a valid State Transit ID Card and meet certain other requirements.


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