Advance Your Career at Sc Transportation

August 9, 2023

What are the best ways to advance your career at scr transportation?

Scr Medical Transportation employees have gone on to work for companies like Amazon, Alltown Bus Service, Chicago Transit Authority, All Truck Transportation Co Inc, Artisan Precision Castings, ComPsych, First Transit and MV Transportation. The top industries that SCR Medical Transportation alumni have worked in are governmental, education, food services and transportation.

SCR is a public agency that provides medical transportation services to disabled individuals in the State of Illinois. The agency has a fleet of vehicles that are specially equipped to transport individuals who have physical, cognitive and emotional disabilities.

The agency is governed by the Public Utilities Act and is subject to oversight by a public board. The agency’s employees must be licensed by the state and must undergo background checks. The agency’s vehicles must be insured and maintained according to regulations set by the state. The agency also must provide training to its employees.

In 2011, a customer named Esperanza Banda complained that an SCR driver, Stanley Rakestraw, exposed himself to her and tried to kiss her. Banda identified Rakestraw from a photo lineup but could not recall the date of the incident.

Browne maintains that SCR is a common carrier that owes a heightened standard of care to its customers and should have known about the criminal history of its employee, Britton. She also argues that SCR was negligent in hiring Britton because it was required to submit his fingerprints to the State Police pursuant to the Public Utilities Act and the incident with Banda should have put SCR on notice that he posed a danger to its customers.


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