After Sheetrock What Is Next: A Step-by-Step Guide

June 12, 2024

The journey of building a house involves numerous detailed steps and careful planning, especially once you've reached the crucial drywall stage. Here's a breakdown of what comes next and the considerations for sequencing these post-drywall tasks.

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Sequence of Post-Drywall Tasks

Installing Interior Doors and Trim

After the drywall phase, the next step is often to install interior doors and trim. This includes baseboards, crown molding, and window trim. Installing these elements first can have several benefits:

Ease of Installation: When doors and trim are installed before the hardwood floors, it avoids the need to cut around the flooring, which can lead to a cleaner, more precise finish.

Applying Primer and Paint

Once the trim and doors are in place, the next step is to spray primer on the trim, new drywall, and other relevant areas. Completing the priming and painting before the hardwood floors are installed helps mitigate the risk of paint splatter or spills on the finished floors. This makes it easier to clean up any mess and ensures that your floors remain pristine.

Painting the Walls

With the primer applied, painting the walls becomes the next focus. It's essential to finish the painting process entirely before moving on to flooring. This approach ensures that any painting mishaps can be addressed without worrying about damaging the finished floors. Clean lines and a professional finish are more achievable when painting is done at this stage.

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Installing and Finishing Hardwood Floors

The final task in this sequence is the installation and finishing of the hardwood floors. Placing flooring last has significant advantages:

Protection of Finished Floors: By saving the flooring installation until the end, you avoid potential damage that could occur from tools, ladders, and other construction activities. This method ensures that your floors maintain their flawless appearance as the other work is being completed.

Expert Recommendations

Industry Standards

Consulting with professionals or experienced builders can offer invaluable insight into the optimal order of tasks. Industry standards and best practices often highlight the benefits of sequencing tasks in a way that minimizes potential damage and maximizes efficiency.

Moreover, an industry professional might suggest alternative methods or materials that could make the process smoother or suggest a different sequence if your project has unique requirements.

Addressing Common Concerns

Right or Wrong Sequence

Many homeowners wonder if there's a right or wrong sequence to follow for these tasks. While the outlined sequence is generally recommended, the specifics can vary based on personal and project-specific factors. For example, your project might have specific constraints or requirements that necessitate a different approach.

Expert Advice: Consulting with construction experts and reviewing industry practices can inform your planning and help you avoid common pitfalls. This approach ensures that your project aligns with industry best practices, leading to a better-finished product.


In essence, building a house is a complex process, and the sequence of tasks post-drywall plays a crucial role in ensuring the quality and efficiency of the work. By adhering to a thoughtful sequence and seeking professional guidance, you can create a beautiful, well-constructed home that meets your expectations.

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