AISD Transportation Policies and Procedures

August 9, 2023

The aisd transportation department provides safe, efficient, and professional transportation services that support student learning. The department serves 12,000 students each day over a 250 square mile service area on more than 350 buses and support vehicles.

Student safety is the department’s top priority and its policies are designed to ensure students remain seated while on the bus, stay clear of the driver and all equipment, and follow instructions given by the driver at all times. Students are not to smoke or eat on the bus, nor bring animals and should not use profanity or inappropriate language on the bus or at a stop. Students who obstruct the flow of traffic or fail to obey the driver’s instructions will be removed from the bus.

In addition, students must have a parent, legal guardian or sibling (of 4th grade or higher) present to receive them off the bus. This is to help prevent any strangers from riding the bus, and is a standard that most school districts follow. In some instances, it may be necessary to allow a child to ride with another sibling or friend, and this must be approved by the student’s school administration.

A year ago, the district passed a resolution committing to replace its entire diesel fleet with electric buses by 2035. This was a significant step to safeguard children from the harmful effects of diesel exhaust, align with city climate initiatives and save money. The district also forged partnerships with Everman ISD, the first district in Texas to transition to electric buses and CapMetro to learn from their experiences.


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