As-Builts Are a Crucial Tool for Any Remodeling Project

January 31, 2024

When a construction project gets underway, it’s not uncommon to run into some obstacles. These may be a result of unexpected site conditions, material availability or budget constraints. Regardless of the reason, these challenges often lead to changes in the final constructed project. As such, it’s important that these alterations are accurately documented. This is where as-built drawings come into play. Also known as red-line drawings or record drawings, as-builts are the revised version of a construction blueprint that shows every change made to the original design between the approval of the final building plan and the completion of construction.

Typically, as-builts are the responsibility of a construction contractor. However, architects and designers are sometimes involved in the drawing creation process. Whether the project is small or large, as-builts are now more than ever being crafted with the help of cutting-edge software and digital technology.

As-Builts Are a Crucial Tool for Any Remodeling Project

In construction, as-built drawings are invaluable for a variety of reasons. They are used as a document to verify the finished product matches the design, and that any deviations from the original design have been properly recorded. As-builts are also a necessity to fulfill legal and record-keeping requirements for construction projects, and they can be useful during inspections and future renovation work.

While many people know what as-builts are, not everyone understands the value of them or how to use them. Using as-builts correctly can significantly improve the efficiency of a construction project and reduce time, cost and mistakes. This is why it’s imperative to utilize the right construction technology to capture and deliver high-quality as-builts.


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