Bad Girls Club - Why Was BGC Cancelled?

June 14, 2023

BGC stands for Business, Government, and Community. The term is a widely used acronym. It is also commonly used for a variety of reasons. Some people use it to refer to their workplace, others use it for political activism, and still others use it in relation to a certain job. You can find more information about what BGC means here.

The Oxygen network in the United States broadcast the Jonathan Murray-produced reality show Bad Girls Club (abbreviated BGC) which featured seven abrasive, quarreling women who participated in physical altercations with one another. The show's cast of women lived in a mansion while adhering to strict house rules and their lives were documented by a production crew. Occasionally, a cast member would be removed from the residence and a new bad girl would take her place.

Some of the most popular controversies related to the show were the fights between the bad girls, especially those that took place in bars and restaurants. In many cases, the police were called to intervene. One of the most notable incidents involved Judi from BGC, who was arrested after breaking her friend's car key and rear view mirror.

In the end, BGC was cancelled due to poor ratings and a lack of new episodes. However, many fans are still upset about the decision to cancel the show.


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