Boyd Bros Transportation

August 9, 2023

The company specializes in flatbed truckload carrier services. It serves high-volume steel and building material shippers that demand on-schedule delivery. Boyd Bros Transportation operates ten regional service centers and has more than 1,100 trucks. It also has an owner/operator program that provides tractors and trailers to drivers on an operating agreement basis.

In its early years, the company emphasized hiring drivers who owned their own equipment. This helped the company control expenses. However, by the 1990s it began requiring driver/owners to lease tractors and trailers from the company. This improved its efficiency and quality of operations. In addition, Boyd Bros began implementing new technologies in its fleet. This included installing a Qualcomm provided satellite-based OmniTrac system in all of its tractors. This allowed on-the-road truckers and service center dispatchers to establish instantaneous communications.

While revenue climbed in 1994, the company struggled through 1995 and 1996. According to the company, the troubled times resulted from an overemphasis on technology and internal systems that added personnel and programs. By returning to basics, the company got back on track and produced a significant upswing in 1997.

The company has a good reputation among drivers and is a popular place to work. It is a good choice for beginners who are looking to start a career as a trucker. It offers competitive salary levels and excellent benefits. Its entry-level wages are about $855 per week and its top-paid drivers earn around $71,000 a year.


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