Broward County Traffic Engineering Division

January 21, 2023

broward county traffic engineering division

The Broward County Traffic Engineering Division, a subdivision of the Department of Public Works, does a number of nifty things. These include fine-tuning traffic synchronization plans and maintaining some 1,000 miles of roadway assets.

The department is responsible for everything from the maintenance of traffic signals to the design and construction of public streetscapes. There are various departments and agencies within the Public Works department, each of which has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. Some of the more specialized departments include Roadway Maintenance, Construction Management and Design, Environmental Services, Traffic Operations and Enforcement and the Sign and Markings Section.

While the Traffic Engineering Division may not be as exciting or interesting as its sibling departments, it is nevertheless a worthy contributor to the quality of life of the residents of Broward County. In particular, its signal construction and maintenance operations are a crucial component in keeping the region's highways and interstates safe and functional.

Other functions, such as the maintenance of street lighting on selected corridors and the construction of roadside signage and signs, are also important. Aside from their day-to-day duties, the department is also responsible for establishing and enforcing a variety of ordinances, such as the construction of intersections, roadside traffic control and other vehicular related safety measures.

The Traffic Engineering Division is not just about making roadways safer, but also about implementing smart infrastructure, such as "smart" traffic signals and roadside signage. This has led to a host of innovative new technologies, such as the use of robotics and artificial intelligence to perform tasks such as traffic signal synchronization and collision detection.


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