Car Jerks When I Turn Corners

February 22, 2024

Car jerks when I turn corners:

When you turn your car's steering wheel at low speeds, it causes the front tires to not be traveling around the same radius point. This is called a fishtail & can cause the front wheels to grab & jerk. You can fix this by backing off the throttle (i.e. putting less PUSH into the wheels) but that kills your momentum and is not a good idea for racing.

Your fuel injectors may be dirty causing the engine to misfire. This is a common problem for cars and can be fixed with a fuel injector cleaner.

If you have a manual transmission car, it is possible that you are shifting into gear too fast. This is a common problem for drivers who are new to manual transmission and can be corrected by practicing your clutch foot & engine feel.

A broken fuel pipe can also make your car jerk when accelerating. The primary job of a fuel pipe is to transfer gas from one section of the engine to another, so when it breaks, your car will not be able to accelerate properly.

The acceleration cable is the link between your gas pedal & the throttle plate. A damaged accelerator cable will not be able to pull the throttle open when you press the gas pedal and will result in your car jerking when accelerating. This problem can be identified by looking at the acceleration cable and noticing that it is worn-out or damaged.


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