Car Leaking Antifreeze When Parked

November 8, 2023

A car’s engine has many moving parts that produce heat. This heat is regulated by antifreeze, which circulates throughout the engine cooling system to absorb excess heat. If there is a leak in the coolant, the engine will overheat during high temperatures and freeze during cold conditions. This is dangerous to your vehicle and should be addressed immediately by a professional mechanic.

Most of the time a car leaking antifreeze when parked is caused by damaged components in the cooling system. This could be a hole or crack in the radiator, radiator cap, head gasket, or water pump. These are expensive repairs to fix, so you should bring your vehicle into the shop as soon as possible.

The first sign that your car’s engine is leaking antifreeze is the presence of a puddle beneath the vehicle. Antifreeze is orange, pink or green in color and can be easily distinguished from other liquids that may be leaking from your car. Engine oil on the other hand is black or gold and can be difficult to identify in a puddle.

After spotting the puddle of antifreeze, start your vehicle and drive it until it is warm. Next, park your vehicle in a clean and dry area such as your driveway and turn off the engine. Then, take a look under the vehicle to see where the antifreeze is accumulating. Then, track where it is leaking from to find the source of the leak.


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