Car Makes Noise When Turning Right But Not Left

February 11, 2023

car makes noise when turning right but not left

Car makes noise when turning right but not left

There are several reasons why your car might make a sound when you turn it to the right, but one of the most common issues is the steering system. This is a critical part of the driving experience and when it fails, it can cause a variety of problems that could have serious consequences.

If you are hearing a clicking noise when turning your car, this is usually due to the constant-velocity joint or CV joints. These components are used to connect the driveshaft to the wheel. They also allow power to be transmitted at a certain angle when the wheels are turned.

Another important part of the steering system is the rack and pinion. These parts move a lot and they can break down quickly. If they do, they will produce a loud bang whenever you are turning the steering wheel.

When it comes to the front suspension, coil springs and struts can cause sounds as well. These parts need to take a lot of weight and they can only do so if they are properly lubricated.

Ball joints can also cause sounds when you are turning the wheel. These parts are found on tie rod ends and control arms.

They swivel when there is movement in the suspension and steering system, so if they wear out, they can start to move excessively or get stuck in one position. Eventually, they will cause the steering and suspension systems to make excessive sounds when you are turning your car.


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