Car Tires Squealing When Turning: Causes and Fixes

June 16, 2024

Driving should always be a smooth experience, yet the unsettling sound of car tires squealing when turning can disrupt this. Tire squeal while cornering is not just annoying, it often indicates underlying issues with your vehicle or driving habits. Understanding and addressing these causes can save you from potential trouble down the line.

car tires squealing when turning
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Common Causes of Tire Squeal When Turning Corners

Tire squealing can stem from various causes. Under-inflation is a primary reason, reducing traction and increasing wear. Regular and uneven treadwear also contribute, making tires more prone to losing grip. Wheel misalignment can similarly affect tire contact with the road, leading to squeal. Additionally, issues unrelated to tires like damaged belts, faulty wheel bearings, and worn brakes can be culprits. Even low power steering fluid levels might cause that distinctive sound.

Driving Habits to Observe

How you drive greatly impacts whether your tires will squeal. Rapid acceleration, hard braking, and aggressive cornering put undue stress on the tires, increasing the likelihood of squealing. Managing these driving behaviors can prevent unnecessary wear and tear, ensuring a quieter and more controlled ride.

Regular Tire and Vehicle Maintenance

Maintaining your tires is crucial. Ensuring they are properly inflated to the vehicle manufacturer's recommended pressure—not the pressure on the tire sidewall—is essential. Regular tire balance checks, rotations, and wheel alignments can prevent uneven treadwear and prolong tire life. Similarly, consistent vehicle maintenance like inspecting engine, steering, and suspension components can identify and fix issues before they lead to tire squeal when turning.

The Importance of Quality Tires

Choosing tires from reliable brands can make a significant difference. Quality tires such as those from Milestar, Solar, and Nexen typically offer better performance and longevity, reducing the chances of tire squeal. Always ensure that you are using the right tires suitable for your vehicle and driving conditions.

Addressing Persistent Tire Squeal

Even minor tire squealing shouldn't be ignored. Potential causes like underinflation, worn treads, or wheel misalignment should be addressed immediately to prevent more serious issues. Professionals like RNR Tires can efficiently diagnose and provide solutions to these problems.

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