Conroe Independent School District Transportation

August 9, 2023

CONROE - School is back in session and the district’s transportation department is ready to move students to and from school each day. Parents whose children qualify for bus transportation are encouraged to sign up early. This allows the district to make routing information available to families earlier and helps level student numbers on buses, according to board policy.

The district is also rolling out a new system that will allow students to track their progress on buses using the SMART Tag app. The program requires all students to use their school bus assigned boarding and exiting cards when boarding and exiting the bus. It also allows parents to sign up for notifications that tell them when their child will arrive home from school.

Parents are encouraged to talk to their children about the importance of obeying all school bus rules, including being seated in their assigned seat and following the driver’s directions at all times. In addition, students should only get on or off the bus at their designated stop. They should not stand in the middle of the road, throw items or yell. Anyone who violates these rules may be subject to punishment from the school bus driver.


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