Covenant Transportation Chattanooga Tennessee

August 9, 2023

Covenant transportation chattanooga tennessee is a truckload carrier that specializes in temperature controlled and regional delivery. The company provides freight services through its fleet of conventional tractors and more than 9,500 trailers, along with a shared fleet with Southern Refrigerated Transport Inc. The company operates from its headquarters in Chattanooga TN and shared terminals in Hutchins, TX; Pomona, CA; Texarkana, AR and Nashville, TN. It offers services in both a team and solo driving formats. The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Covenant Logistics Group.

Covenant officials recently celebrated the opening of Hogan Hall and the Orientation Training Center, a $15 million investment that enables new drivers to receive in-class and driving course training, lodging and dining in a single building on the company's campus. It's an uncommon, if not unique, experience within the trucking industry, where in-class and driving course training typically takes place off-site. The new facility is named after Covenant executive vice president Joey Hogan, and the company hopes it will help recruit and retain truck drivers during a continuing national shortage of drivers.

The company has also invested in Transport Enterprise Leasing, a leasing and accounts receivable factoring business for smaller trucking companies; Star Transportation, which manages a specialized fleet for the transportation of pharmaceuticals and medical devices; and Volunteer Insurance Limited, which provides specialized property and liability insurance. The company is a publicly traded entity and trades on the NASDAQ under the symbol CVTI.


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