CREC Transportation Jobs

August 9, 2023

During her time at CREC, my daughter has been exposed to a variety of subjects that are enabling her to be prepared for college and career paths. She has also developed as an individual and participated in extra curricular activities and athletics within an incredibly supportive community with great teachers and amazing friends. The education she has received at CREC schools has given her a solid base of knowledge plus many tools to be an engaged global citizen.

In the past, parents of students enrolled in CREC schools were able to use the district bus system. However, a change in state policy requires the parent to provide transportation for their child if they attend a non-home school. This new policy has been a tremendous source of confusion for many families, and it seems to be creating unnecessary hardships for countless families.

Parents are reminded to make arrangements to accompany children PreK through 3 to their bus stop. A parent does not need to be an adult, but must be an individual who satisfies the parents that they have the maturity level to be responsible for the student.

CREC is looking to hire more than 450 safety-oriented, qualified drivers, technicians and management staff. A job fair is being held July 14 (3-6 p.m.) and July 24 (11 a.m. – 3 p.m.) at 111 Charter Oak Avenue in Hartford. CREC currently has a number of open positions in its Magnet Schools, Student Services Programs, Operations and Administrative Departments, and Transportation Services.


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