Department of Transportation Form HS 7

August 9, 2023

Department of transportation form hs 7 is a form required to be filed by any person or business importing a vehicle into the United States. The form is known as a Declaration Form and is used by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration to identify a lawful basis for the importation of motor vehicles and equipment items that are subject to federal safety, bumper, and theft prevention standards.

In the vast majority of cases, the only requirement for a vehicle or piece of equipment to enter the country is that an HS-7 form be completed and submitted at the time of entry. However, in some cases, the HS-7 must be accompanied by additional documents. For example, the entry of vehicles into the country for purposes other than normal use requires that an RI sign a contract with a DOT certified dealer who will modify the vehicle and certify the modifications. In these cases, a copy of the RI contract must be submitted with the HS-7 form at the time of entry.

Box 10 imports:

NHTSA allows nonconforming vehicles to be imported for show or display provided that NHTSA deems them to have sufficient technological or historical significance. RIs must file a statement with the HS-7 declaring that they will not be driving or otherwise using the vehicles on public roadways and providing NHTSA with a substantiating written statement to this effect. This information collection was incorporated into the HS-7 Declaration when it was last revised in May 2006. Assuming that a single HS-7 Declaration form is filed for these entries and that it takes five minutes to complete each, NHTSA estimates that this hour burden will be 136 hours per year (1,045,243 vehicles x 0.0833 hours per declaration).


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