ECS Transportation Group

August 10, 2023

ECS Transportation Group provides motorcoaches, transit, and specialty passenger transport equipment. The Company offers buyer intent data, anonymous visitor identification and first party data integration backed by a massive contact database. ECS Transportation Group serves clients worldwide.

ECS operates a fleet of more than 15,000 vehicles. Its products include charters, tour buses, school busses, luxury limousines, and vans. ECS also provides maintenance, repair and leasing services. Its corporate headquarters are located in Dallas, Texas.

The study aims to evaluate mode choice responding to changes in ECS attributes and contextual variables in the context of COVID-19 pandemic. The stated preference experiment is analyzed in a mixed logit framework with error components. Results indicate that, in line with economic theory, price has a significant impact on people’s choices. However, the incentive only affects respondents’ decisions when additional effort in terms of walking time is low compared to total travel time. In addition, it is found that the more crowded the shared cars, the less willing people are to use them. Moreover, alternative pick-up appears to be the most preferred relocation strategy and young males seem more interested in this option. On the other hand, sharing the vehicle seems more attractive for work, study or business-related trips than private car commuting. Consequently, the overall result shows that respondents are more willing to collaborate with ECS operators in order to maintain their mobility during the pandemic. However, this attitude may not be translated into real behavior in a realistic scenario, due to the lack of logistical means to implement such a system and for fear of contagion in case of a worsening of the situation.


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