Escape From Tarkov - Where to Find Car Battery Tarkov

February 2, 2024

In Escape from Tarkov, a Car Battery is not just a power-source; it’s a critical component for completing quests and barter trades that unlock new gear. To maximize their value, players must scavenge these hulking power sources strategically.

Where to Find Car Battery Tarkov

In the fictional Norvinsk region, car batteries can spawn in garages, warehouses or on shelves within various locations in the Interchange, Customs, Reserve and Industrial maps. They also sometimes pop up in vehicle trunks, and can be refilled at gas stations and mechanic shops. A full-condition battery will start a vehicle’s engine, while a low condition one won’t. These power-sources also charge electric accessories when the engine isn’t running, such as lights, heater and siren.

Players can upgrade their hideouts and craft essential gear using these items, which can make them an extremely valuable commodity on the Flea Market. However, finding and securing these hulking power-sources is no easy task. Fortunately, advanced looting tactics can help snag these rare components. Learn inventory tricks, Scav run strategies and team looting tactics to elevate your gameplay to the pro level.


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