Falcon Transportation Is Closing Its Flatbed Division

August 9, 2023

Falcon transportation is a flatbed truckload carrier based in Youngstown, Ohio. The company has 723 trucks and nearly 585 drivers, according to data from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s SAFER system. Falcon’s directors sent emails to the drivers late April 27 stating the company was shuttering operations immediately. A spokeswoman for the company didn’t respond to a request for additional details.

The company has a large fleet of older trucks. While the company claims to maintain them well, many drivers say they are in disrepair and break down frequently. Some drivers even go through numerous trucks a year.

Falcon’s bankruptcy isn’t the only issue affecting the company. Former employees allege that financial mismanagement and a harsh contract with General Motors led to the flatbed carrier’s demise. One former operations manager told FreightWaves that the company struggled to meet payroll each week prior to being sold to private equity firm CounterPoint Capital Partners in September 2017.

Another problem the company faces is a lack of customers, which leads to fewer jobs for its truck drivers and lower overall pay. Additionally, the company pays low rates for its services. For example, CDL drivers can expect to make $0.45 per loaded mile and $0.25 for empty miles.

In addition to its flatbed division, Falcon owns a trucking company called Blue Diamond Transportation. That division has a handful of truck drivers and also a number of owner-operators leased to it. The Maine CDC has investigated Blue Diamond for the COVID-19 outbreak, but a spokeswoman for the company says none of its truck drivers have tested positive.


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