Federated Transportation Services of the Bluegrass

August 9, 2023

Founded in 1981, Federated Transportation Services of the Bluegrass provides public transportation and Medicaid brokerage services for Boone, Bourbon, Campbell, Carroll, Clark, Estill, Franklin, Fayette, Grant, Harrison, Henry, Montgomery, Nicholas, Oldham, Shelby and Trimble Counties. FedT offers competitive salaries and benefits, including medical, vision, dental and life insurance. The company also offers a 401(k) plan and tuition assistance. FedT also supports the local community through partnerships with area organizations and businesses. FedT is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

The federal government’s activities in transportation fall into five broad categories: economic regulation, safety regulation, business aid and promotion, operation of transport services, and provision of fixed facilities such as highways. These different functions differ fundamentally and cannot be effectively administered side-by-side within the same agency.

A reorganization of the Department of Transportation to focus on a single agency dedicated exclusively to urban transportation would bring these different functions together in a single organization with the capacity to make and implement policy — not merely to execute a massive program of construction and expansion.

In addition to this structural reform, federal funding policies should be reformed to better align with state investment decisions. Almost all federal transportation funding comes in the form of grants to transit agencies, largely based on formulas established when the original programs were authorized. This flexibility allows states to invest their transportation dollars according to their own priorities and goals, including those related to addressing climate change. A portfolio of highway expansions, for example, will result in far more carbon pollution than one that prioritizes investments in low-carbon strategies like transit, active transportation and vehicle electrification.


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