Find the Total Distance Traveled by Your Car

November 23, 2023

When you’re driving, it’s important to keep a safe distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you. This is especially true in bad weather or if you’re towing a heavy load. It can take a much longer time to stop your vehicle at higher speeds. If you don’t leave enough space, you could cause a rear-end collision. That’s why the three-second rule is recommended, but even more room is better if possible.

Calculating the total distance traveled by your car requires the initial velocity (u), the final speed (v), and the time that elapsed between when the car started moving and where it ended up, or the total distance traveled (s). You can also use a different formula to calculate the acceleration, or change in velocity, in a shorter amount of time, like s = v – u / t.

If you’re considering going on a road trip in your EV, you might be wondering how far you can go before the gas light comes on. While the answer varies depending on factors like your vehicle’s age, condition and road conditions, you can get a general idea by using this simple formula.

You can find how far you can drive by multiplying your speed by the number of feet per mile (5,280 feet per mile). For example, if you are traveling at sixty miles an hour, you would divide 5,280 by 60 and arrive at 88 feet per second.


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