Flagger Training - How Long Can a Flagger Hold Up Traffic?

February 6, 2023

how long can a flagger hold up traffic

What are the duties of a flagger?

The flagger's primary duty is to provide traffic control during construction operations. They're also responsible for removing hazardous materials from the work site and recording the license plate numbers of motorists who ignore traffic signs and directions.

What are the skills and training needed to be a flagger?

A great flagger must have strong attention to detail, sound knowledge of state traffic regulations and exceptional observation skills. They must also be able to communicate clearly with other workers and the public.

How long can a flagger hold up traffic?

The amount of time a flagger can keep traffic moving depends on the type of traffic they are directing. They can usually hold up traffic for up to 15 minutes, but if a delay exceeds this time limit, they should notify their supervisor.

How far in advance should a flagger signal?

To ensure safety, the distance between a flagger and the "flagger ahead" sign should not be more than one mile. This will help drivers see lane changes, construction vehicles entering and exiting the work zone and give them enough time to slow down.

How to position yourself on the road

In the event of a single lane closure, flaggers must use a stop/slow paddle in conjunction with a hand-held flashlight. When a vehicle has stopped, the flagger should point the light at the bumper and quickly wave it in a figure eight motion to alert oncoming traffic to the lane closure.


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