Fleetio Connects Boyle Transportation With Fleetio SmartDrive

August 9, 2023

BILLERICA, Mass. (CNW) – Supply chain management company Andlauer Healthcare Group Inc. has closed the acquisition of truckload carrier Boyle Transportation and 51% owner Skelton USA for $80 million, including $60 million in cash and $20 million in AHG stock with a two-year lockup. Both companies specialize in delivering high-security transportation for freight from the life sciences and government/defense sectors.

Taking care of customers, their freight and professional truck drivers is the top priority at Boyle. They pay hefty guaranteed salaries and benefit packages to their drivers while minimizing financial volatility, so they can focus on providing security for the people they transport.

The fleet also prioritizes preventing vehicle breakdowns, as any downtime can lead to missing a shipment or not maintaining temperature-controlled materials. With a fleet of late-model Freightliner Cascadia tractors, the Billerica, MA-based company ensures its trucks can stay on the road by implementing a number of safety and maintenance best practices.

For example, they require every DOT inspection form to be digitally linked to a specific vehicle, making it easier for their maintenance technicians to review and update reports on the spot. They also use Fleetio’s mobile accessibility to streamline issue resolution and improve communication with drivers on the go.

By integrating Fleetio’s smarter driving features, Boyle maximizes the value of their investment in vehicles and equipment while improving safety for their fleet, drivers and customers. The company has seen a 95 percent reduction in unsafe following distance, a 97 percent reduction in incomplete stops at stop signs and an 88 percent improvement in unsafe lane changes since deploying SmartDrive.


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