FRS Transportation

August 9, 2023

FRS Transportation is a non-profit that provides transportation throughout Highland, Adams and Brown County. Funding is provided thru grants, contracts and public transport fees. It has a mobility manager who works towards improving the overall transportation services in the county. Currently, they provide a coordinated transportation plan that is accessible through their website. They also provide shuttle buses that operate in the county.

The plan outlines how the public can access transportation by scheduling a trip ahead of time. However, local trips must be scheduled a day in advance while out of town or out of the county trips may need a longer timeline. Moreover, they recommend that passengers call to check the availability of vehicles and drivers.

Lastly, they also advise that passengers must be ready at the scheduled pick up time to avoid delays for both the driver and other patrons. They also note that passengers should be aware of their surroundings to prevent theft or loss of belongings while riding in the vehicle.

As mentioned previously, the use of technology to combat modern slavery and human trafficking is a complicated intersection between several different initiatives. Some organizations are working on developing FR-S, while others are fighting the fight against slavery and trafficking, and yet another is implementing transportation technology. All three of these seemingly unrelated areas are intersecting, and it is time that we start to address this intersection in a more holistic manner. This blog is the first step in doing so, and more articles will follow in the future.


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