Fun Things to Do in Sacramento for Couples

March 8, 2023

Whether you're looking for an exciting date night idea or want to surprise your spouse with something fun, Sacramento has plenty of options.

Laugh it up with a comedy show or take an improv class together! You can even try your hand at making some blown glass art.

1. Roller skating

Roller skating is a fun and low-risk activity that can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s a great way to get active and enjoy the outdoors while spending time with your loved one.

In addition to being an exercise, roller skating also offers a number of health benefits, such as good calorie burn and strength and flexibility training. If you’re not a natural skater, you can learn the basics at a skating rink and practice regularly to improve your skills.

2. Bober Tea & Coffee

Bober Tea & Coffee is an impressively sized and well-appointed shop that offers a wide selection of unique beverages. Their top notch coffee and espresso options are not to be ignored, but the real draw is their bubble tea. The name of the game is simple - order a beverage of your choice, sit back, and enjoy a relaxing caffeine boost. The staff is friendly and the menu is extensive.

3. Escape Sacramento

If you and your partner enjoy puzzles, board games, or card games, Great Escape Games is a fun place to go. They have a wide variety of board puzzles and bingo sets that are sure to entertain everyone.

You and your partner can spend a date night solving mysteries in themed rooms like Containment Breach (where you’re locked inside a scientist’s lab), Whispering Halls (a paranormal Victorian manor), or Skull Witch (a witch’s cabin in a swamp). This is a fun activity that will test your wits and teamwork!

4. International World Peace Rose Gardens

International World Peace Rose Gardens is located right in the heart of Sacramento, California. This garden has a kaleidoscope of roses and other beautiful flowers, including a white fountain, a Peace Pavilion, and benches with inspirational messages written by grade school children.

The garden is a place where couples can enjoy some time together and have some romantic moments. It is also a great place to bring your sweetheart on a surprise date.

5. Riding the Waterfront Wheel

Seeing Sacramento’s skyline from above is one of the most romantic things to do in Sacramento. Taking a ride on the Waterfront Wheel is a great way to enjoy this experience together!

You and your partner can also go for a ride on the Front Street Carousel. These rides are first come, first served, so make sure to grab a spot early!

6. Sutter Street Theatre

The renowned Sutter Street Theatre has been a staple in the Sacramento arts scene for decades. The theatre, which originally opened as a children's theater, now puts on mainstage productions as well as comedy shows for adults.

Aside from theatre, the Sutter Street Theatre also hosts annual festivals like "Autumn in the City," which is a family-friendly event that showcases some of the best live music and entertainment in town. It's a great way to spend a fun night out in Sacramento for couples.

7. The Rink

Located in the heart of downtown Sacramento on 7th and K streets, The Rink is one of the most popular attractions in town. It's a great place to bring a family or just have a good time with your significant other!

You'll find a variety of fun events throughout the year that will make for an unforgettable date. Some of these include 80s Night, a holiday makers mart and more.

8. Waterfront Park

One of the best things to do in Sacramento is visit Waterfront Park. Stroll down the wooden sidewalks and see restored buildings from the Gold Rush era.

There are plenty of historic museums, riverboat cruises, train rides and fun-filled entertainment on offer. Every Labor Day weekend, this park goes into overdrive with their epic Gold Rush Days event. Expect wagon rides, pony express re-creations and more!

9. Waterfront Wheel

If you and your partner are looking for a fun and unique date idea, Riding the Waterfront Wheel is a great option. This 65-foot Ferris wheel is located at the Waterfront Park and offers fantastic views of the city.

Another activity that you and your partner can do together is a historic river cruise. This will sail you along Sacramento’s waters while also taking in historical sites during the trip.


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