GISD Transportation

August 9, 2023

gisd transportation

A GISD school bus carrying 26 students was struck by a pickup truck at the corner of North Main and West Maple streets in Groesbeck. The accident occurred at 7:15 a.m. The driver of the pickup truck was not injured. The GISD bus suffered minor damage, with a scratch on the back bumper and dislodged plate. The accident remains under investigation. The safety of GISD drivers and students is a top priority for the district.

GISD’s buses travel over 2.5 million miles each year. It is important for the district to conserve fuel in order to maintain its cost structure. The district has been implementing savings measures such as purchasing bulk fuel, developing regional operation hubs throughout the county and decentralizing mechanical services.

During the Choice of School process parents can choose any school within their assigned district, but not all schools offer bus transportation. The GISD Transportation Maps system allows families to determine which schools are eligible for transportation at their address. Families enrolled in special education, special programs and magnet schools will receive specific transportation information at the time of enrollment. Families can access the maps by entering their street address and selecting a school. The system will then display the bus transportation eligibility zone for the selected school. The map does not show transportation to the GAEC because GISD bus transportation is only provided for students on an individual IEP. Students enrolling at the GAEC will be required to walk or take DART to get to the campus.


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