Groome Transportation, Inc. v. Georgia Department of Transportation

August 9, 2023

Groome Transportation provides convenient and reliable shared-ride airport shuttle service. Their van shuttles run daily from Macon GA, Warner Robins GA, Columbus GA, Auburn AL and Chattanooga TN to the Atlanta Airport (Hartsfield-Jackson International).

The company also transports local packages for final delivery and interstate air freight. For example, Groome has an open account with Stover Medical under which it transports urine specimens collected at the company's Macon Occupational Medicine location to Delta Dash for shipping to Connecticut. And it has an open account with Eagle Global Logistics, LP under which it transports local packages for shipment to Kansas City, Missouri.

During discovery, Groome served subpoenas on Delta, AirTran, and ASA seeking records of passenger ground transportation vouchers and passenger itineraries. The airlines provided those documents, and Holland Knight analyzed them and created summary compilations. These compilations are authentic business records that may be considered on a motion for summary judgment.

Groome's officers testified that the company often contracts with airlines to provide ground transportation to passengers whose flights are delayed or cancelled, and to ship baggage to those passengers when it is found at Hartsfield-Jackson. The airline fares charged for these services are often higher than the standard fare for the same service on the company's regular routes. These arrangements are a common way for airlines to fulfill their contractual obligations to their passengers when a flight is delayed or cancelled. In addition, the court finds that Groome drivers on its routes to and from the airport are likely to encounter bags of passengers who have interstate itineraries.


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