Heniff Transportation Systems

August 10, 2023

Heniff Transportation Systems is committed to efficiently transporting chemicals safely and securely. The Oak Brook, IL-based company offers liquid bulk chemical transportation, food-grade transport, rail trans-loading, ISO depot operations, tank cleaning and maintenance services. The company operates a network of truck terminals in Texas, Tennessee, Louisiana, Kentucky, Pennsylvania and Illinois, along with a fleet of hundreds of specialty tractors and trailers. The company hires company drivers and owner-operators, as well as non-driver staff (mechanics, cleaners, dispatchers).

Heniff's goal is to be the largest bulk transportation operator in North America with the most comprehensive array of solutions and firmest commitment to consistent, safe transport. Heniff focuses on acquiring companies that have the right business model and are already profitable, rather than those that are in dire need of capital. This approach saves the company money on interest charges and allows it to focus its resources on enhancing existing operations.

The last two years have been an especially active time for Heniff. It acquired Miller Transporters Inc in Hinsdale, IL in August 2018, doubling the size of its operation; Dean Brennan Transport in Manitowoc, WI; and Horizon Tank Lines in Wilmington, NC in December. Heniff also bought the Carry foodgrade division of Superior in Gormley, Ontario, Canada, and consolidated its warehouses with its own facilities across the country. Heniff now operates a full-service truck and trailer shop; an R-stamp trailer repair facility in High Point, NC; a state-of-the-art wash rack that cleans more than 10,000 vehicles for Heniff and other carriers every month; and Heniff Logistics, the brokerage arm.


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