How Are Drones Used in Construction?

January 29, 2024

There’s a lot that goes into construction projects before they even hit the shovels, and one of the most important stages is to map out the site. Drones are an invaluable tool to have in this stage for providing high-resolution orthomosaic imagery and 3D plans of the entire project area, including the surrounding environment. Once plugged into Building Information Modeling (BIM) software, the data can then be used to create immersive multi-layered visualizations of the finished structure.

During the construction phase, drones are also useful for surveying and monitoring progress. The use of surveying drones equipped with LiDAR (light detection and ranging) sensors allows for fast, precise mapping and topographical analysis, which can be used to help determine the best placement for structures and other equipment, as well as helping with design optimization and resource utilization [1,2].

Drones are also able to quickly and efficiently scout areas that might be too hazardous or dangerous to access by hand. This includes confined spaces, steep slopes, and elevated work zones that would otherwise require ladders or scaffolding. In addition, drones can be used to perform routine inspections of structural components and other assets, ensuring that they’re being assembled properly.

Once a build is complete, drones can be used to create high-resolution 3D models of the finished product that can then be utilized for virtual walkthroughs and maintenance planning. Additionally, AI-driven analysis of drone data can assist with tracking supplier payments and optimizing cash flows, as well as identifying discrepancies between construction and the project’s design, thereby allowing for timely remedial actions to keep the project on track.


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