How Bad Is Traffic in Chattanooga? 4 Tips to Avoid Stand Still Traffic

March 3, 2023

how bad is traffic in chattanooga

If you live in chattanooga, or if you are a visitor to our city, you might be wondering how bad is traffic in chattanooga. It is no secret that traffic can be a nightmare here, but there are ways to avoid the stand-still traffic and get around the city without having to wait in traffic jams.

1. Take Backroads to Reduce Congestion

When traveling from one part of the city to another, try taking backroads instead of highways. This will help you avoid the stand-still traffic and potential accidents. It also saves you time, which is especially important when you are on a tight schedule.

2. Tune in to Traffic Radio

There are several stations in the area that offer real-time updates on traffic conditions and construction. These will keep you informed of any changes that could affect your commute and help you plan for your day.

3. Know the Route You Are Traveling

There is a lot of road construction happening in Chattanooga right now. This means that there will be road closures and detours. Be sure to check CDOT’s map of events and road closures for full details of these activities and other projects underway in our public space.

4. Stay Off the Road During Rush Hour Periods

When driving through the city, it is crucial to stay off of the roads during rush hours. This is especially true when you are on a tight schedule or are travelling with children in tow.


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