How Bad Is Traffic in Corpus Christi?

March 3, 2023

how bad is traffic in corpus christi

How Bad is Traffic in Corpus Christi

The traffic in Corpus Christi is very bad and it can cause a lot of problems for both motorists and pedestrians. If you live in Corpus Christi or you are planning on visiting this beautiful city then you need to be extra careful. The Corpus Christi police officers are very serious about enforcing the driving laws of this wonderful city so you need to be aware of them when you drive.

Corpus Christi Roads & Intersections That Have More Accidents

There are many roads and intersections that have more accidents in Corpus Christi than others. It could be because of a high number of vehicles, a lack of drivers attention or other reasons. It is important to know the places in Corpus Christi that have more accidents so you can avoid them whenever possible.

Some of the more dangerous roads and intersections in Corpus Christi include Airline Road & SPID, Staples Street and Saratoga Blvd. This boulevard is a very busy access free road that has lots of cars and pedestrians so you should be extra careful when walking along it.

Another dangerous road in Corpus Christi is Shoreline Boulevard which is also an access free road that has a lot of people and vehicles travelling on it so you should be very careful when you are going along it. This is the main road that leads to the beach and it is also very busy so you should be very careful when going there.


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