How Bad Is Traffic in Florida?

March 3, 2023

Whether you're traveling from Orlando to Tampa or just want to get around the state, you'll need to know how bad traffic is in Florida. This is because congestion can make driving unsafe and dangerous.

Tourists and snowbirds in Orlando can cause problems because they often make unexpected decisions while on the road. These drivers can become nervous, swerve left or right, and make wrong turns, which can increase their risk of getting into an accident.

A growing population in Orlando is another reason that the roads are congested. The city is home to one of the busiest vacation destinations in the country, and millions of tourists flock to Disney World every year.

The main highway running east to west through Orlando is I-4, and it is heavily travelled by trucks from all over the state. As a result, traffic can be especially heavy during rush hour when locals are going to work or heading out to visit family.

While there are posted speed limits in Orlando and the surrounding areas, these aren't always enough to keep drivers safe. Especially when it comes to visitors, who often drive 20-30 mph slower than locals.

Drivers can stay informed about traffic conditions throughout the state with the help of the Florida NavMap. This website allows users to view traffic conditions and the locations of crashes in real time.

Using the map will help you plan your journey and avoid unnecessary delays. If you're ever stuck in a traffic jam, you can alert other drivers by posting to the NavMap Facebook page or sending a message via email.


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