How Bad Is Traffic in Los Angeles?

March 3, 2023

how bad is traffic in los angeles

If you’ve ever driven in Los Angeles, you know how bad traffic can be. But it’s not just a hassle: it can also cause injuries and death.

A new report from INRIX confirms that LA is a very congested city, ranking it as the sixth most crowded in the United States in 2021. The company analyzed data from 404 cities in 58 countries to come up with the list.

The top four roads in the list were all in the Los Angeles area: Interstate 5 south from Euclid Avenue to Interstate 605; Interstate 10 east from Washington Boulevard to Interstate 110; and Interstate 10 west from San Gabriel Valley to Downtown.

These roads are the ones where drivers spend most of their time stuck in gridlock, compared to other US cities.

One way to avoid a traffic jam is to leave early when possible or take public transportation. This is particularly important if you need to get to a meeting or event at a specific time.

Another option is to drive in the emergency lane on freeways, which can save you time and gas money. This is especially true if you’re driving during rush hour and have to wait for a break in the traffic.

Other strategies to cut traffic include roadside barriers and congestion pricing. These methods have been used successfully during major events such as the Olympics, but they’re expensive and aren’t always successful. Nevertheless, they have helped to ease some of the most chronic traffic problems in Los Angeles.


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