How Bad Is Traffic in San Antonio?

March 3, 2023

how bad is traffic in san antonio

San Antonio traffic is a hot topic these days, but not because it's bad. In fact, the city's snarled streets don't rank as high in overall congestion as Houston and Dallas, according to a new study.

How bad is it?

San Antonio is a large and growing city with many attractions. It's home to the Alamo and a wide variety of cultural, culinary and recreational opportunities.

The population boom has added a lot of vehicles to the roads, and it's taking its toll. The Texas DOT is working to keep roads up-to-date. But that doesn't mean the traffic will go away overnight.

Roads in poor condition contribute to more accidents and fewer vehicle miles traveled. A 2015 report by TRIP, a national transportation group, says San Antonio drivers spend an average of $800 per year for additional vehicle maintenance due to poor road conditions.

Those extra costs come with an added burden of increased wear and tear on your car, and the higher number of accidents means you'll need to repair more damage.

If you've received a ticket for driving in San Antonio or the surrounding areas, you'll need to appear on your appearance date. Failure to do so can result in a bench warrant being issued for your arrest.

What can you do to avoid this situation?

A skilled traffic lawyer can help you avoid a traffic ticket and fight your conviction in court. Contact a San Antonio criminal defense attorney at Manuel Diaz Law Firm, PC today for legal counsel and advice.


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