How Bad Is Traffic in San Francisco?

March 3, 2023

how bad is traffic in san francisco

How Bad is Traffic in San Francisco?

The Golden City is famous for its traffic, but the good news is that there are things you can do to help avoid it. The first step is knowing when the worst time to be on the road is, so you can plan accordingly.

What You Can Do Right Now

The most effective way to reduce congestion is to get into a carpool with friends or coworkers. Whether you’re driving or taking public transit, getting in a carpool can help you get to work or get around town more quickly and safely.

If you’re a commuter, reducing your car travel and using public transportation can also help save you money in the long run. In fact, a new study from INRIX finds that drivers in the United States spent $1,348 each year on average due to traffic delays.

What You Can Do Now

If congestion is causing you stress, try rescheduling your trips. INRIX found that drivers who reschedule their trips saved an average of 59 hours per year on their commutes, compared to those who didn’t.

In addition, drivers can use the TomTom Traffic app to determine the best time to leave for a trip, or when it’s better to drive into or out of a particular location. This tool uses anonymized Floating Car Data from 600+ million connected devices to predict when traffic is at its worst and when it’s easiest to outrun it.


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