How Do I Put My Car on Turo?

February 13, 2024

Turo is best described as the Airbnb of cars. Instead of renting from a corporate rental company, you rent from individuals who are willing to share their personal vehicles. On average, car sharing hosts make $545 a month. Read on to learn how to put your car on turo, including what it takes to be a host and everything you need to know about insurance.

The first step to become a Turo host is setting up a profile on the website. From there, you can upload photos of your vehicle and provide a description of the amenities and features. You’ll also have the option to add a map that will show potential guests where your vehicle is located.

When you’re ready to begin accepting bookings, you can use the Turo app to accept and manage reservations, tweak pricing, and message your guests. Turo has automatic pricing systems that vary your prices based on demand and time of year. You can opt out of these if you prefer to set your own rates.

When a guest books your car, you’ll receive a notification via email or the Turo app. You’ll be able to see information about the guest, including how far they plan to drive your vehicle each day. You can decide if you want to allow renters to go beyond your maximum distance and charge them for mileage overages. You’ll also be able to offer Extras that your guests can purchase and pay for, such as cleaning fees or a GPS.


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