How Do Submittals in Construction Work?

January 26, 2024

Submittals are the lifeline between design teams and the construction teams that build projects. They ensure that the work on site matches the designs and specifications of a project. They also ensure that the right materials are used and that the correct installation methods are implemented. Submittals can help prevent costly mistakes and delays on a project.

The submittals process is crucial to a construction project's success. When managed properly, it helps the project stay on schedule and within budget. It can also help to ensure that the building's final product meets the expectations of the project stakeholders.

There are many different types of construction submittals, but all have the same basic elements. Each submittal must have an ID that identifies it. It should also have a description that explains its purpose. Finally, the submittal should include a list of all the documents and materials included in it.

It's important that all parties review submittals as quickly as possible. This is why it's critical to work with a submittal management program that allows multiple reviewers to look over documents simultaneously. It also helps to have a system that allows reviewers to communicate their comments clearly.

For larger projects, there may be hundreds of individual submittals to task out, track and distribute. These can include anything from a request for a material sample (e.g., floor tile or carpet) to a mock-up of how a large assembly will be built on site.


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