How Do You Get Water Out of Your Charging Port: A Complete Guide

July 9, 2024

Getting water out of your charging port can be a crucial step to avoid possible damage to your smartphone. When moisture is detected in the device's charging port, you may receive a message such as "Water is inside your charging port." This can be due to air humidity, direct exposure to water, or incomplete drying after a spill. Here's a concise guide on how to deal with this scenario effectively.

Immediate Steps to Take

When how do you get water out of your charging port becomes a question you need to tackle, the first and most important step is to switch off your device immediately. This helps to prevent short circuits and other electrical damage. Hold your smartphone with the charging port facing down and softly tap it to allow water droplets to exit the port.

how do you get water out of your charging port
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Drying Your Device

Once you have taken the initial steps to remove visible moisture, the next phase involves thorough drying. Stay away from methods like blowing into the port, as this can introduce more moisture and even saliva, worsening the problem. Instead, place your device in a dry, well-ventilated area and allow it to air dry. Leaving it uncovered with the charging port facing down can help gravity assist in the drying process.

how do you get water out of your charging port
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Alternative Drying Methods

In contrast to the popular “rice method,” which can introduce unwanted particles into your charging port, using silica gel packets can be more effective and cleaner. Submerging your device in a bowl of silica gel can absorb moisture without risk of contamination. While some believe in using a hairdryer, it is best to avoid direct heat sources as they can deform metal components and cause further issues.

Using Fans and Patience

If you have a small fan, it can be a useful tool for drying out the port as well. Blow cool air into the port gently, ensuring you avoid high temperatures and direct sunlight. Patience is key in your quest of how do you get water out of your charging port. Give your device around 24 to 48 hours before attempting to charge it again.

Consulting a Technician

If, after all these steps, the moisture detection message persists or you suspect water damage remains, it's advisable to seek a qualified technician’s help. Professional assessment can prevent long-term damage and ensure your device returns to optimal functionality.

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