How Far is Kenosha to Chicago?

June 14, 2023

Kenosha County is a vibrant community of residents and businesses with its own unique charm. Its stunning lakefront offers six public beaches, two lighthouses, a marina, miles of paved and water trails, and spectacular views of Lake Michigan. In fact, on clear days, the tops of Chicago’s skyline can be seen from Kenosha – defying the notion that such a distance is impossible to perceive by human eyes. This natural phenomenon is known as the “Kenosha Skyline Phenomenon.”

With easy access to Interstate 94, the city of Kenosha serves as a regional hub for business and commerce and is within a eight-hour drive of many of Wisconsin’s most industrious cities and metropolitan areas. The city’s Downtown area is home to a popular streetcar system and the Metra Commuter Rail station is within walking distance. Kenosha’s industrial park is a vital economic driver as well, serving the needs of national and international corporations and manufacturers.

The city of Kenosha is a place where nature and industry coexist in perfect harmony. Its tranquil campus features stately oaks, a winding river, breathtaking lake views, and art galleries. Carthage College is a renowned liberal arts school that offers an impressive array of courses and programs. The city’s vibrant arts scene is highlighted by the annual Lakeshore Arts Festival and numerous artisan fairs and galleries.

The cheapest way to get from Kenosha to Chicago is by bus, which will cost you about $19 and take 1 hour 57 minutes. The quickest way is to catch a train, which will run you $28. Taking the bus will also create the smallest carbon footprint, so you’ll be doing your bit for the planet. For the best experience, book your ticket in advance and try to arrive at the departure point early.


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