How Far Is Kenosha Wisconsin From Illinois?

June 14, 2023

If you are planning a road trip from Zion to Kenosha, then the driving directions below will help you plan your route. This way you can maximize your time on the road and get to your destination in no time at all. Just select your starting point and final destination from the map below.

The distance from Chicago to Kenosha is around 68 miles and takes about 1 hour and 33 minutes to drive. This is based on an average speed of 55 mph, and the road is clear. The drive to Kenosha passes through the cities of Pleasant Prairie, Machesney Park and Town of Wheatland. There is a toll on this route.

Flying between Chicago and Kenosha takes only about 30 min. This is based on an average flight circle radius, and it does not take into account actual takeoff and landing times, airport location and other real world factors. A Boeing 737 airliner will need about 8 min to cover this distance at a cruising speed of 497 mph. A small plane such as Cessna 172 will need about 31 min to cover this distance at an average cruising speed of 136 mph.

Bus travel is an affordable and sustainable option for getting to Kenosha from Chicago. Buses offer a variety of amenities, including free WiFi and onboard entertainment. Plus, they leave a smaller carbon footprint than cars and trains. And best of all, it's an easy way to meet locals!


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