How Heavy Are Car Tires? Factors and Weight Ranges Explained

June 13, 2024

The weight of a tire can vary significantly based on the type, size, and vehicle for which it is intended. Understanding these variables is crucial when selecting or researching tires for specific vehicles or applications.

Key Factors Affecting Tire Weight


Tire size plays a critical role in determining its weight. This includes both the diameter and width of the tire:

  • Diameter and Width: Larger diameters and widths require more material, thus increasing the weight of the tire.
  • Material Volume: Larger tires have more volume and therefore need more material, contributing to their heavier weight.


The type of tire also influences its weight:

  • Different types of tires, such as passenger car tires and larger truck tires, vary in weight.
  • General Rule: Smaller and passenger car tires are generally lighter than larger and truck tires.


The intended application or use of the tire affects its design and weight:

  • Tread Design: Tires designed for different applications, such as mud tires or all-terrain tires, have varied tread designs that impact weight.
  • Additional Features: Tires with specific features for particular uses (e.g., reinforced for rough terrain) can vary in weight even within the same size category.

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Typical Tire Weights by Type

Passenger Car Tires

Standard passenger car tires typically range from 15 to 25 pounds. For SUVs, the weight can be between 45 to 100 pounds. Utility terrain and all-terrain vehicle tires often weigh between 20 to 40 pounds.

Truck Tires

Light-duty truck tires generally weigh between 45 to 100 pounds. Commercial truck tires can be much heavier, ranging from 100 to 250 pounds, with variations based on specific truck needs.

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Trailer Tires

Usually, trailer tires weigh around 10 pounds each, but the total weight depends on the number of tires used on the trailer.

Tractor/Farm Machinery Tires

The weights of these tires can range from as little as 30 pounds to several hundred pounds, depending on the equipment requirements.

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Motorcycle Tires

Motorcycle tires are generally lighter, ranging from 8 to 30 pounds.

ATV Tires

Common aluminum/rubber tires typically weigh between 15 and 25 pounds.

Golf Cart/Lawn Mower Tires

Golf cart tires often weigh around 10 pounds, while lawn mower tires are lighter, around 5 pounds each.

Monster Truck Tires

These tires are extremely heavy, ranging from 798 to 900 pounds due to their massive size and design requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Whole Wheel with Rim

A typical wheel with a tire weighs between 35 to 55 pounds, depending largely on the tire size and the material of the rim.

Tire with Air

The addition of air adds minimal weight to the tire, just a few grams, and does not significantly impact the overall weight.

Determining Tire Weight

To accurately determine tire weight, you can:

  • Weighing on a Scale: The most accurate method involves using a scale to measure the tire's weight directly.
  • Manufacturer Information: Detailed weight information is often available on the manufacturer’s website, accessible via the product number or DOT serial number.

Tire weight is influenced by a combination of size, type, application, and additional features. The weight range can be broad—from as low as 5 pounds for a lawn mower tire to 900 pounds for a monster truck tire. Understanding these variables ensures that you make informed decisions about the tires you choose for your vehicle, contributing to better performance, safety, and efficiency.

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