How is Odysseus able to Listen Safely to the Sirens? Song?

June 15, 2023

The sirens were monsters who pretended to be beautiful women with amazing singing voices. They would lure sailors to their island by their songs and then drown them. Odysseus was a brave and wise man who often listened to what the gods told him. When he visited Circe she warned him about the Sirens.

Odysseus had a lot of adventures while on his journey home from the Trojan war. He was able to overcome many of these challenges by using his strength and his mind. He also had a lot of luck along the way. For example, he managed to avoid the dangers of Scylla and Charybdis by using his cunning. In addition, he was able to kill all of the suitors who were chasing after Penelope. He used his cunning to defeat them without letting them know that he was the one behind their deaths.

How was odysseus able to listen safely to the sirens? song?

When Odysseus sailed by the Sirens, they sang a lulling song that hypnotized sailors. Normally, any sailor who heard their song lose all rational thought and are lured to the island where they would drown or be eaten by the Sirens. However, if the sailor could somehow overcome the sirens’ song they would be able to sail away unscathed.

Circe knew of the Sirens and their deadly traps, so she told Odysseus how to survive their song. She gave him a large block of beeswax and instructed him to break it into pieces. He would then give each of his men one piece to put into their ears. In this way they would not hear the Sirens’ song.


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