How Long Can You Leave Alcohol in a Hot Car?

October 31, 2023

Whether you're running errands or getting drinks to go, leaving your six-pack or bottle of wine in the back of the car can cause it to get too hot. This can affect the flavor, composition and quality of your booze, making it less than ideal for consumption.

Alcohol is a dehydrating substance, and this can be intensified by exposure to heat. The high temperatures can also cause a hazardous build-up of vapors, which could result in an explosion. Additionally, leaving a drink in a hot car can impact your blood alcohol content (BAC), which could lead to a DUI charge if you are caught driving while under the influence.

So, how long can you leave alcohol in a hot car? While the exact amount of time can vary based on the specific temperature, alcohol generally can't stand being left in high temperatures for prolonged periods. This can significantly diminish the taste, aroma and overall experience of your booze, and it can even affect the alcoholic strength.

In addition, if your bottle of booze contains carbonation, high temperatures can cause it to escape, which can result in flatness and loss of fizz. This is why it's important to always store bottled alcohol in a cool, dark place and avoid transporting it for extended periods of time. If you do need to transport a bottle of alcohol, consider using an insulated cooler and parking in the shade as much as possible.


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