How Long Does Construction Adhesive Take to Dry?

February 11, 2023

how long does construction adhesive take to dry

How long does construction adhesive take to dry?

Adhesives come in a variety of formulations and applications, and it can be difficult to know which one is best for the job. Aside from the specific formula and application method, surface type, drying time, strength and other factors can impact finding the right construction adhesive for your project.

Choosing the Right Adhesive for Your Project

The first thing to consider is the surface type. Many construction adhesives bond better with porous materials, like wood and concrete, than non-porous surfaces.

For example, Liquid Nails Extreme Heavy Duty Construction Adhesive bonds well with wood, stone, particleboard and brick veneer, but it’s also strong enough to fill gaps in cement or cork. The adhesive is waterproof, making it suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

Colder Temperatures Slow Down Drying

The temperature of the air, as well as the surfaces on which the adhesive is applied can affect how long it takes to dry. The adhesive may take twice as long to dry at 50 degrees Fahrenheit than it would at 70 degrees.

Adding Humidity to the Mix

Another factor that can make the drying process slower is humidity. This is especially true of latex construction adhesive, which dries more slowly in high-moisture environments.

How To Apply It

Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIYer, a quality construction adhesive can help your next project go smoothly. The adhesives are designed to form a molecular bond with a material, providing a strong and reliable hold.


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