How Long Does It Take Police to Investigate a Car Accident?

October 20, 2023

When you’re involved in a car accident, the initial goal should be getting medical attention. Then, you should report the crash to law enforcement. This is important so that the accident can be investigated and the correct parties are held responsible for any injuries or fatalities.

Initially, officers will respond to the accident scene and observe it. They will take a look at how the accident happened and ensure that all victims receive proper medical care. Next, they will start interviewing the drivers and any witnesses. It’s best to speak with police as soon as possible after the crash so that your memory is fresh.

Investigators will also examine the vehicles involved in the accident. They will note any vehicle damage, skid marks on the road and other relevant information. They may also record footage from traffic or street cameras that can help them determine how the accident occurred.

If the accident involves a commercial driver, then investigators will usually interview the employer. They will try to find out if the employer was following any company safety policies that might have contributed to the crash.

Once the police have all of the information that they need, they will prepare a collision report. They will include all of the information that they have collected, as well as their own personal observations. They will also write down the statements that eyewitnesses gave them. Enjuris Tip: Getting the contact information for any eyewitnesses is essential, because often times they leave the scene of the crash and are impossible to reach later on.


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