How Long Does It Take To Get To Mississippi by Car?

November 6, 2023

How Long Does It Take To Get to Mississippi by Car

Most visitors to Mississippi rely on their own automobiles to get around the state, as bus service is extremely limited. While you could theoretically make the trip on a single stretch without stopping, it’s best to plan for frequent breaks and alternating drivers to keep everyone fresh on the road. You’ll also want to make sure that you rent a car with enough fuel capacity for your entire trip.

When planning your trip, be aware that Mississippi’s speed limits on interstate highways tend to be a bit lower than what you might be used to, with 65 mph being the typical limit. Things slow down even further when you start driving through the towns and cities that you’ll be passing through.

If you’re an avid music fan, consider extending your drive north-south by following the Blues Trail to see dozens of historic markers dedicated to Mississippi blues musicians, including birthplaces, gravesites, and old venues. Country fans should also check out the Mississippi Country Music Trail, which honors singers like Elvis, Tammy Wynette, Jerry Lee Lewis, and Conway Twitty.

While most larger Mississippi cities have adequate levels of hospital care (if you suffer a major injury or illness, it’s important to seek medical attention immediately), it is best to visit a regional or national medical facility when possible to ensure the best outcomes. You should also be aware that Mississippi’s rural areas have very limited levels of health care.


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