How Long Does It Take to Receive a Traffic Ticket in the Mail?

February 6, 2023

how long does it take to receive a traffic ticket in the mail

How long does it take to receive a traffic ticket in the mail?

Every state and county has its own laws governing the handling of traffic tickets. Some allow you to pay the fine early and avoid going to court while others require a court appearance. While most of the time, a traffic ticket can be resolved by simply paying the fine, there are times when it's best to hire an attorney to fight the charge or negotiate a plea bargain.

How to Plead Guilty

When you are cited for a violation, you have a certain amount of time to respond. Generally, you have 20 days from the date of the citation to either pay the fine or contest it in court.

If you choose to contest the ticket, you will need to provide proof that your driver's license, learner's permit, registration or insurance were in good standing at the time of the alleged violation. The proof can be submitted when you respond to the ticket or bring it to your trial if there is one.

How to Pay the Fine

Generally, you can pay the fine online with most tickets. If you are unsure how to pay the fine, call or go to the courthouse in person to find out. If you do not pay the fine within 30 days of receiving a citation, a suspension will be placed on your driving record and points will be assessed against your license.


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