How Many Miles Does a New Car Have?

February 21, 2024

If you’re shopping for a new car, it’s important to understand how many miles is considered acceptable. As you shop, pay attention to the odometer reading and the overall condition of the vehicle to ensure that your new ride isn’t a lemon. While it may seem surprising to learn that modern cars don’t come with zero mileage, it is a reflection of the way that automotive technology has advanced. The advent of new materials and improved safety features allow vehicles to last much longer than their predecessors did.

Most new cars don’t have zero miles, but they usually won’t have more than 5,000 either. This is because cars are used to test drive customers and to travel back and forth from the factory to the dealership for inspection, maintenance, and other reasons. In fact, Moody says that new vehicles often have a few hundred miles on them due to these activities alone.

Most dealers will be honest about how many miles are on a new vehicle. If the car has more than 200, you can politely ask for a discount or even to consider another model. If you find that the dealer doesn’t budge, shop around and look for a more honest dealership. Then you can make a purchase with confidence knowing that your new car won’t be a lemon.


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