How Many Steps Does the CN Tower Have?

February 11, 2023

how many steps does the cn tower have

If you’re thinking of heading to the CN Tower, one question is sure to arise: how many steps does the cn tower have?

It’s no secret that stair climbing is a grueling, calorie-burning workout. Plus, it helps strengthen your heart, lungs and muscles.

Originally, the CN Tower was built to transmit radio and television signals over Toronto’s tall buildings and demonstrate Canada’s industry, but it is now more than a communications hub. Today, it serves as a revolving restaurant and tourist destination.

How the CN Tower was built

The tower is built on top of a concrete skeleton with a 335-metre (1,100-foot) diameter shaft. It has a hexagonal core and three curved support arms. The tower was constructed by a team of 1,537 brave construction workers, who worked around the clock to make it happen.

Why the CN Tower was built

The CN Tower was originally built by Canadian National Railways (CN) as a way to broadcast signals over the city’s skyscrapers, which were growing taller than their existing transmission towers. To overcome the problem, CN created a new structure, which became the tallest free-standing tower in the world when it was completed in 1976.

How the CN Tower was constructed

To make the CN Tower as tall as possible, construction crews created a steel frame for the tower’s foundation, and then poured a large amount of concrete into a mold to create the tower’s tapered contour. The curved shape was created by forming the concrete into a ring of jacks, which moved upwards as the concrete hardened.


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